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Mar 28, 2017

Retired former Roanoke Insurance Group VP, Jerry Dooner, joins the show to discuss his career, marine cargo insurance, working in Boston & New York, the industry then & now, top secret spy planes, and so much more.


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Mar 22, 2017

On a special 10th episode of the show we discuss the justice department investigation into container line price-fixing, Somali pirates, the New England Seafood Show, Locked Up Abroad, Fitness Apps, and a huge announcement regarding Ryan.


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Closing song: Black Bones - Drink Up Me Mateys

Mar 14, 2017

Ryan returns this week to discuss contract season from the carrier's perspective. We also dive into the harrowing tale of survival aboard the Jascon 4 as well as all your latest shipping & logistics news including: our weekly Donald Trump update the Trumpdate, LEGO, autonomous vehicles, online grocery shopping, and IKEA.


Jascon 4 video:


Closing song: Six Star General - St. Patrick

Mar 8, 2017

On episode 8 of The Shipping Pod we discuss Contract Season, as well as all the latest shipping news including what's going on with Donald Trump, Self-Driving Trucks, Ben Carson, Samuel L. Jackson, FoxConn, Best Buy, Maersk/IBM, McDonald's, Crocs, and the documentary "Tickled"

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Closing song: Ergo Phizmiz Rock'N'Roll Machine - I Think We're Alone Now

Mar 1, 2017

Tim & Ryan cover the #EndItMovement this week and discuss the global epidemic of human trafficking.


Closing song: Asthmaboy - The Traffic Still Moves