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Jun 29, 2017

The Shipping Pod is back and we're bringing company. Tune in this week to hear our interview with 2 Babes Talk Supply Chain as we discuss: starting a podcast in the logistics industry, NAFTA, the future of supply chain, the Petya ransomware attack on Maersk Line, and so much more.


May 17, 2017

In part 2 of our Panama Canal series TSP covers the opening of the waterway through its expansion and modern usage. Also, all of the latest news including East Coast port expansions, Reebok's corn sneakers, BMW's Brexit, Maersk's foray into aftermarket container sales, Lowe's Exoskeletons, Alien: Covenant, The Amazon Original Series Catastrophe, and the opportunity to pull a 747. 



May 10, 2017

Take a trip in the wayback machine as we cover the imperiled construction of the Panama Canal as well as the largest container ship to port on the East Coast, home inventory systems, The Secret of the Ooze, surprise weddings, and a review of Halo Top ice cream.



May 3, 2017

This week on TSP we cover the conflict in North Korea and its potential effect on global trade, a new trade agreement with South Korea, Maersk Line's purchase of Hamburg-Sud, Nintendo Switch supply chain kerfuffle, Under Armor / Kohl's pairing, black ants, Don't Think Twice, and so much more. for questions, comments, and guest bookings

Apr 26, 2017

This week on The Shipping Pod Tim covers the rise of the shipping container. Learn how the box that changed the world and ushered in an era of globalization came to be. From Benjamin Franklin Fitch's early drafts to Malcom McLean's final designs. On board the maiden voyage of the 58 container Ideal X to today's 20,170 TEU MOL Triumph. All great things have an origin story, this is the shipping container's.


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Closing Song: Deano Waco - Box Store

Apr 19, 2017

This week on TSP we cover all the latest logistics news including Amazon vs Walmart, Trump Trade and China, Tesla's new semi, Apple's new car, Easter, Get Out, The Last Jedi, and The Halifax Explosion! for questions, comments, and guest bookings


Closing Song: Black Bones - Captain Blood